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Aarthi Prabandham – 3rd & 4th Pasurams

thanthai naRRAi thAram thanayar perunchelvam
endRanakku neeyE ethirAsa! intha nilaik
YerAdha ivvudalE indRe aRutharuLa
pArAdhadhu ennO pagar?

In this verse, Manavala Mamunigal refers to Ramanuja as his father, mother, children and all his prized possessions. However, he is pained when his material body, with all its earthly afflictions, is preventing him from sustaining this devotion to Ramanuja. He sincerely demands an explanation from Ramanuja himself for not blessing him with his abundant compassion to rid his body off its earthly afflictions.

indha udal siRaivittu eppozhudhu yAnEgi
andhamil pErinbathuL AguvEn – andhO
irangAi ethirAsA! ennai ini uykkai
paRangAn unakku uNarndhu pAr

In this verse, Manavala Mamunigal compares his human body to that of a jail. He earnestly asks Ramanuja, the king of hermits, about the time it would take for him to enjoy the eternal bliss that Paramapadham has to offer. Whilst appealing to his compassion, Mamunigal also reminds Ramanuja of the responsibility he has to take care of him. He opines that there is no one in this world but Ramanuja who can lead an unqualified person like him to salvation.

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