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Aarthi Prabandham – 1st & 2nd Pasurams

vAzhi ethirAsan vAzhi ethirAsan
vAzhi ethirAsan ena vAzhthuvAr – vAzhi ena
vAzhthuvAr vAzhi ena vAzhthuvAr thALiNaiyil
thAzhthuvAr viNNOr thalai

In this verse, Mamunigal refers to three categories of people. First, he refers to “Ramanuja Adiyars” – those who sing the glory of Ramanuja all the time and serve his lotus feet. Second, he refers to the well-wishers who sing the glory of “Ramanuja Adiyars”. Third, he refers to those people who sing the glory of the well-wishers of Ramanuja Adiyars. All these three categories of people occupy an exalted status when compared to the celestials. That is, even the celestials will worship the feet of these three categories of people.

IrAmAnusAya namah endru sindhith
IrAmAnusarodu iRaippOzh – IrAmARu
sindhippAr thALinaiyil serndhiruppAr thALinaiyai
vandhippAr viNNOrgal vAzhvu

It is imperative to avoid the company of the non-believers who, instead of chanting the mantra “Ramanusaya Namaha” that can deliver us from samsara, engage themselves in the objects of the world. Those who worship the feet of the people who have managed to avoid the company of such non-believers will be exalted to a status equivalent to that of the celestials.

Note: Through the first two verses, Mamunigal drives home the greatness of Ramanuja Sambandham which can liberate us from samsara. By chanting the glory of Ramanuja and by serving the feet of the servants of Ramanuja, we can exalt ourselves to the eternal abode of the Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana, where the celestials will worship our feet and welcome us with a warm reception.

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