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Thiruvaimozhi – First Decad – Paasurams 5 & 6

அவரவர்தமதமது அறிவறிவகைவகை *
அவரவரிறையவர் எனவடியடைவர்கள் *
அவரவரிறையவர் குறைவிலரிறையவர் *
அவரவர்விதிவழி அடையநின்றனரே (TVM 1.1.5)

Different grades of people, with varying degrees of spiritual knowledge and calibre, seek favours from minor deities (Agni, Indra etc.) whom they propitiate as their God. If those deities, in turn, bestow the boons sought by their votaries, to the extent deserved by them, it is only through the grace of the Supreme Lord (Sriman Narayana), who stays inside these deities (as their Internal Controller) and maintains them.

In short, Nammazhwar conveys that just like the earthen elephants and horses (depicted as arraying for battle on the outskirts of villages and towns) cannot actually go to battle, the minor deities themselves are incapable to extend favours to themselves or their votaries without the influx of requisite power from the Supreme Lord, Sriman Narayana.

நின்றனரிருந்தனர் கிடந்தனர்திரிந்தனர்*
நின்றிலரிருந்திலர் கிடந்திலர்திரிந்திலர்*
என்றுமோரியல்வினர் எனநினைவரியவர்*
என்றுமோரியல்வோடு நின்றவெந்திடரே (TVM 1.1.6)

We have it on the firm authority of the Vedas, that it is our Supreme Lord, who controls and sustains the different postures of standing, sitting, lying and wandering about, of one and all, as well as their abstinence therefrom. He cannot be thought of as one who is of same kind of form  and nature at all times;  At the same time, he has got the same kind of  GREATNESS and ATTRIBUTES at all times; He is immutable (undergoing no change whatsoever) and yet beyond  specific scrutiny and comprehension.

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