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Thiruvaimozhi – First Decad – Paasurams 3 and 4

இலனதுஉடையினிது எனநினைவரியவன்*
நிலனிடைவிசும்பிடை உருவினனருவினன்*
புலனொடுபுலனலன் ஒழிவிலன்பரந்த*
அந் நலனுடையொருவனை நணுகினம்னாமே.  (TVM 1.1.3)

Can God be said to possess that one and not this other thing? No. He pervades, without intermission, the entire universe; the region high up as well as those below the earth at all times; He abides in all non-sentient things (matter) having form and size as well as the formless sentient beings within them all (individual souls), and He is beyond the grasp of the senses. Blessed are we to have attained Him of peerless glory!

In short, Nammazhwar reveals the transcendental glory of the Lord when he describes Him as occupying the High Heavens. The Azhwar also describes Him as the all-pervasive Internal Controller, dwelling in the heart of everyone. It is understood that we, the jivatmas, occupy the “Leela Vibhuti” or the sportive universe – the other side of the High Heavens, the land of dark nescience, where the Lord sustains his leelai. The Azhwar thus concludes that we are indeed blessed to have him amidst us.

நாமனிவனுவன் அவளிவளுவளெவள்*
தாமவரிவருவர் அதுவிதுவுதுவெது*
வீமவையிவையுவை அவைநலம்தீங்கவை*
ஆமவையாயவை ஆய்நின்றவவரே (TVM 1.1.4)

We, the masculine beings over here, as well as those at a distance, near at hand and in between, the feminine species similarly situated, all things collectively seen here, there and everywhere, what can be individually pointed out as this, that and the other, the non-sentient things, good, bad, perishable and imperishable, things that were, are and will be, all these subsist in Him. In other words, all these are sustained, directed and controlled by him.

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