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I have undertaken this piece of research to know more about the place I hail from. I have presented below the little information I could gather about my roots.

The people of Serankulam are linked with the towns of Karappangadu and Selperi. Once upon a time, 7 devoted Sri Vaishnavas from Kooram and Kidambi villages of Kanchipuram set-off on a pilgrimage. On one nightfall, they stopped at the place now known as Karappangadu. That night, they had a dream – in which the Lord directed them to an anthill (marked by a flying Garuda) in which they were to find a deity. The Lord directed the Sri Vaishnavas to build a temple and chant the Divya Prabhandam for him. Thus, the town of Karappangadu was formed.

As days went by, the families from Karappangadu settled in the near-by areas. They got settled in Peravurani, Nammankurichi, Idaikadu/Puliyakkudi, and Serankulam – which came to be called “The Pancha Gramams” along with Karappangadu.

So in Serankulam, you expect to find Iyengars from Kooram, Kidambi, Karappangadu and Selperi.

Route to Serankulam: From Mannargudi bus stand, there are buses plying every 1:30 hours to Serankulam. Alternatively, one can take any bus bound to Muthupettai that goes via Serankulam Pillayar temple. Please note that there are two routes to Muthupettai and hence it is worth clarifying with the bus conductor beforehand. Else one can take an auto from Mannargudi to Serankulam, which is expected to cost Rs. 100.

12 thoughts on “Serankulam

  1. Serangolam consists of the following clans:

    1. Appadurai Iyengar clan
    2. Peria Pannai clan
    3. Chinna Pannai clan
    4. Kidambi clan
    5. Salperi clan
    6. Asoori clan
    7. Estate clan

    All live with harmony and pride in this divine village.

    1. I belong to the Bahukutumbi clan and my family is from Serangulam. I am looking for any information about Bahakutumbi’s… any information would be appreciated! Thanks.

      1. thnx for yr update
        Yes we too the original residents of serangulam now shifted but visiting serangulam every year during the uthsavam


  3. I am from the Chinnapannai clan (Chinnaswamy Iyengar). I have no memory of visiting Serankulam as a child (I am 32 yo and currently living oveseas) but have been told by my father (Sadagopa Ramanujam Iyengar) that he has taken me there once or twice in my early years. My family line is like this bottom up.

    Prakash Srivatsan (Me)
    Sadagopa Ramanujam (Father)
    Srinivasa Iyengar(aka Singam Iyengar – lived out off Parakkalakottai village south of Mannargudi and west of Muthupettai)
    Sadagopa Ramanujam (Father’s grand father) (Also referred to as B-branch among the 5 brothers)
    Chinnaswamy Iyengar – The root of Chinna Pannai clan

    Thank you for the insight into our parampariyam.

    1. I would be glad if there are ancestral references to the people who were part of the Chinna Pannai clan between Chinnaswamy Iyengar and the divergence of B-Branch.

    2. Just found some information from a legal website. It was Chinna Ramanuja Iyengar (chinna pannai clan who was the immediate predecessor to Sadagopa Ramanujam Ieynager of the B-branch). However, I am not quite sure if he himself was referred to as Chinnaswamy Iyengar.

  4. My grandfather was Bahukutumbi Raghavachari & my father is Bahukutumbhi Rangachari. Most of the family members have B as initial. I really do not know to which of the above clans I belong to. Can someone enlighten me, if they know? Our village of course is Serankulam.

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